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Abandoned Goods

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  • 2014
  • Nonemin
Abandoned Goods
  • English

Abandoned Goods is an essay film exploring the journey of one of Britain’s major collections of Asylum Art containing about 5,500 objects (paintings, drawings, ceramics, sculptures and works on stone, flint and bone) created between 1946 and 1981, by about 140 people compelled to live in the Netherne psychiatric hospital in South London. Blending archive, reconstruction, animation, 35mm rostrum, and observational photography, the film explores the transformation of these objects from clinical material to revered art objects examining the lives of the creators and the changing contexts in which the objects were produced and displayed.

Abandoned Goods
  • English
Edward Lawrenson
Edward Lawrenson Director, Writer...
Pia Borg
Pia Borg Director, Writer...
Hanna Sahloul
Hanna Sahloul Producer
Kate Ogborn
Kate Ogborn Producer
Philippe Ciompi
Philippe Ciompi Music, Editor...
Nick Gordon Smith
Nick Gordon Smith Director of photography
Andre Etienne
Andre Etienne Production Accountant
Sam E. H. Hooper
Sam E. H. Hooper Sound Recordist
Joel Stern
Joel Stern Sound Recordist
Keshia Agyei
Keshia Agyei Post Production Assistant
Scott Goulding
Scott Goulding Color Designer
James Clarke
James Clarke Digital Intermediate
Connan McStay
Connan McStay Editorial Services
Jim Anderson
Jim Anderson Archival Footage Research
Mark Harwood
Mark Harwood Researcher