A Place To Live

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  • 2008
  • 56min
A Place To Live
  • Original Title: A Place To Live

Seven LGBTQ seniors in Los Angeles contend with uncertainty and hope as they seek a home in the nation's first affordable LGBTQ senior housing facility, navigating a lottery that will decide their fate.

A Place To Live

A Place To Live - LGBTQ, Seniors, Housing, Hope

This film chronicles the poignant struggles and hopeful ambitions of seven LGBTQ seniors as they vie for a spot in Triangle Square, Los Angeles' groundbreaking affordable housing complex dedicated to their community. With the demand far outpacing the supply of available apartments, a lottery system becomes the arbiter of their fates. The film paints a compelling portrait of individuals often marginalized by society, capturing both the vulnerability of their position and the victory in the inauguration of a facility that represents a beacon of hope and equality.

Carolyn Coal
Carolyn Coal Director

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Carolyn Coal

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