A Wild Stream

  • 9 10
  • 2018
  • 72min
A Wild Stream
  • Original Title: Una Corriente Salvaje

On a desolate beach, Chilo and Omar, seemingly the last men on Earth, evolve from survival companions to lovers, using their conversations to probe the depths of human existence.

A Wild Stream

AWARDS: Best Feature Length Documentary. Ariel Awards/ True Vision Awards. True/False Film Festival/ Best Sound. Madrid International Documentary Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION: FotoFilm/ Uruguay International Film Festival

A Wild Stream - Isolation, Love, Reflection

In an empty world where only the whisper of the ocean breaks the silence, Chilo and Omar find solace in each other's company. The two men, initially bound by their mutual need for survival, find themselves fishing on a lonely stretch of beach. As time wears on and the reality of their solitude sinks in, their bond deepens. Beyond the daily task of catching fish and staying alive, their conversations drift to larger existential musings about life, purpose, and the nature of love. Through their evolving relationship and introspective dialogues, the film delves into what it truly means to be human when stripped of society and its constructs.

Nuria Ibañez
Nuria Ibañez Director

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Visions Sud Est

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