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A Very Trite Fable: The Legacy Of Dermis Tatu

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  • 2017
  • Nonemin
A Very Trite Fable: The Legacy Of Dermis Tatu
  • Spanish

Two decades ago, Venezuela's power trio Dermis Tatú released their only album, "La violó, la mató y la picó" ("Raped her, killed her and cut her"). The band was an offspring from the separation of Sentimiento Muerto, and was formed by Carlos "Cayayo" Troconis (voice and guitar), Héctor Castillo (bass) and Sebastián Araujo (drums). The record is still considered by many as the most influential in the Venezuelan rock scene. Twenty years later, Castillo and Araujo remember the stories behind the recording, as a group of the current generation of Venezuelan rockers, not only explain its influence and impact, but also play all the songs from the album, making them their own.

A Very Trite Fable: The Legacy Of Dermis Tatu
  • Spanish
William Padrón
William Padrón Writer, Director...
Pedro Peña
Pedro Peña Producer, Color Designer...
Rawy Mattar
Rawy Mattar Producer, Camera Operator
Andres Sosa
Andres Sosa Mixing Engineer
Gloria Dostal
Gloria Dostal Archival Footage Research
Alexander Prokos
Alexander Prokos Camera Operator
Cayayo Troconis
Cayayo Troconis Himself (footage)
Carlos Reyes
Carlos Reyes Himself
Rafael Cadavieco
Rafael Cadavieco Himself , Narrator
Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia Himself
Luis Jimenez
Luis Jimenez Himself
Alain Gómez
Alain Gómez Himself