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A Trip Thru a Hollywood Studio

  • 6.5 10
  • 1935
  • Nonemin
A Trip Thru a Hollywood Studio


A Trip Thru a Hollywood Studio
Ralph Staub
Ralph Staub Director
Dolores del Río
Dolores del Río Herself (uncredited)
Jackie Fields
Jackie Fields Himself (uncredited)
Pat O'Brien
Pat O'Brien Himself (uncredited)
James Cagney
James Cagney Himself (uncredited)
Warren William
Warren William Himself (uncredited)
William Ray
William Ray Narrator (voice)
Arthur Aylesworth
Arthur Aylesworth Himself (uncredited)
Bobby Connolly
Bobby Connolly Himself (uncredited)
Ann Dvorak
Ann Dvorak Herself (uncredited)
Busby Berkeley
Busby Berkeley Himself (uncredited)
Hugh Herbert
Hugh Herbert Himself (uncredited)
Jean Muir
Jean Muir Herself (uncredited)
Henry O'Neill
Henry O'Neill Himself (uncredited)
Wini Shaw
Wini Shaw Herself (uncredited)
Rudy Vallee
Rudy Vallee Himself (uncredited)
Alice White
Alice White Herself (uncredited)