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A Subconscious Stream

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  • 2017
  • Nonemin
A Subconscious Stream
  • English

A sixty-five minute companion piece to Hayes' documentary feature, "A Dream is a Life Lived and Lost," comprised of a series of loosely connected but crumbling memories & scenes from his past, and stitched into a non-narrative portrait. Five years in the making, it's an experiential, music-centric dive into the happenings and undertakings of a young man, his travels across America, and the people & places that he chose to capture along the way.

A Subconscious Stream
  • English
Eli Hayes
Eli Hayes Director, Producer...
Audrey Nelson
Audrey Nelson Young Woman #1
Calvin Penner
Calvin Penner Young Man #1
Eli Hayes
Eli Hayes Young Man #2
Susie Brancaccio
Susie Brancaccio Young Woman #2
Katherine Poje
Katherine Poje Young Woman #3
Robert Hummel
Robert Hummel Young Man #3

Production Companies

Hazel Eye Productions