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A Step Away

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  • 1980
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A Step Away
  • English, Spanish

Focuses on the performance of various elite athletes during the PanAmerican Games held in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1979. Athletes showcased in the documentary include USA team swimmer of Puerto Rican origin Jesse Vassallo; legendary Cuban track and field athlete Alberto Juantorena; Mexican diver Carlos Girón; American diver Greg Louganis; and the Puerto Rico national basketball team, among others. At the end of the film, the athletes expressed their hopes of being "a step away" from the 1980 Olympics Games; however, these hopes were shattered by the political crisis and the eventual USA-led boycott to the Olympic Games held in Moscow in 1980.

A Step Away
  • English, Spanish
Roberto Ponce
Roberto Ponce Executive Producer, Director
Marcos Zurinaga
Marcos Zurinaga Director of Photography, Assistant Director...
Luis Collazo
Luis Collazo Unit Manager
Milton Graña
Milton Graña Assistant Editor
Alfonso Beato
Alfonso Beato Camera Operator
Alan Manger
Alan Manger Editor
Orson Welles
Orson Welles English Narrator
Carlos Montalbán
Carlos Montalbán Spanish Narrator

Production Companies

Sandino Films

A Step Away, LLC

RPA Film