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A Silver Odyssey: 25 Years of Houston Astros Baseball

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  • 1987
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A Silver Odyssey: 25 Years of Houston Astros Baseball
  • English

A look back at the history of major league baseball in Houston, starting with its humble beginnings at Colt .45 stadium, to the massive grandeur of the Astrodome and the birth of the Astros. Enjoy many of the great moments in Houston's baseball history including Ken Johnson's no-hitter, which he lost, Don Wilson's spectacular performances on the mound, and Nolan Ryan's triumph in overtaking Walter Johnson's strikeout record, just to name a few. Relive the story of the Astros as told by the stars who experienced it: like Rusty Staub, Joe Morgan and Mike Scott. From an expansion team in 1962 to today's National League Western Division Champions, "A Silver Odyssey" captures a quarter-century of history, humor and excitement.

A Silver Odyssey: 25 Years of Houston Astros Baseball
  • English
Steve Stern
Steve Stern Writer, Supervising Producer
Geoff Belinfante
Geoff Belinfante Executive Producer
Mike Kostel
Mike Kostel Supervising Producer
Sean Mooney
Sean Mooney Editor, Producer
Joseph A. Porciello
Joseph A. Porciello Associate Producer, Editor
Michele Lap
Michele Lap Video Assist Operator
J.D. Cannon
J.D. Cannon Narrator
Harry Craft
Harry Craft Himself
Kevin Bass
Kevin Bass Himself
Alan Shepard
Alan Shepard Himself
Clark Nealon
Clark Nealon Himself
Vivian Smith
Vivian Smith Herself
Bill Neder
Bill Neder Himself
Rusty Staub
Rusty Staub Himself
Norm Larker
Norm Larker Himself
S.I. Morris
S.I. Morris Himself
Gene Elston
Gene Elston Himself
Herman Lloyd
Herman Lloyd Himself
Joe Morgan
Joe Morgan Himself
Gene Cernan
Gene Cernan Himself
Bill Virdon
Bill Virdon Himself
Alan Ashby
Alan Ashby Himself
J.R. Richard
J.R. Richard Himself
Dick Wagner
Dick Wagner Himself
Hal Lanier
Hal Lanier Himself