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A Short Film About John Bolton

  • 7.5 10
  • 2003
  • Nonemin
A Short Film About John Bolton
  • English

A Short Film About John Bolton is a darkly hip and hilarious film explores the question that torments artists of every medium: "Where do your ideas come from?" Renowned artist John Bolton's paintings of voluptuous she-vampire nudes have earned this quiet eccentric a reputation for having a "damaged imagination." BBC radio personality Jonathan Ross buys his pieces, which leads interviewer extraordinaire Marcus Brigstocke to find out what the appeal is in Bolton's beautiful (but terrifying) artwork. Why does Bolton demand that his gallery "monsterpieces" speak for themselves? What does he do with that ornamental knife that he carries everywhere? Will Marcus ever learn how to operate the camera?

A Short Film About John Bolton
  • English
Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman Director, Writer
Adam Bohling
Adam Bohling Producer
David Reid
David Reid Producer
Matthew Vaughn
Matthew Vaughn Producer
John O'Mahony
John O'Mahony John Bolton
Marcus Brigstocke
Marcus Brigstocke Marcus Brigstocke , Carolyn Dalgleish , Jonathan Ross
John Bolton
John Bolton First Girl , Second Girl , Guest Interviwed

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