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A Seventy-Four Year-Old Fellow

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  • 1964
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A Seventy-Four Year-Old Fellow
  • Portuguese

Documentary about the history of Jornal do Brasil, founded on April 14, 1891. In 1965, the Jornal do Brasil marked its innovative and active position, as recorded in the documentary "A Seventv-Four- Year-Old Fellow" by the filmmaker Nelson Pereira dos Santos, and the story itself was in charge of confirming. In the following years, the newspaper would witness the most remarkable events of the second half of the twentieth century in Brazil and in the world. It would applaud the democratic struggles and independence of peoples, support social demonstrations against oppression and justice at all levels. Tirelessly, he did not hesitate to report the truth of the facts, regardless of the circumstances in which they presented themselves.

A Seventy-Four Year-Old Fellow
  • Portuguese
Nelson Pereira dos Santos
Nelson Pereira dos Santos Writer, Director...
Luiz Carlos Saldanha
Luiz Carlos Saldanha Director of photography
Hans Bantel
Hans Bantel Director of photography
Alberto Cury
Alberto Cury Narrator