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A Sense of Carol Reed

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  • 2006
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A Sense of Carol Reed

The film director, Carol Reed, is the subject of this documentary short. The illegitimate son of the famous stage actor, 'Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree' , Reed was brilliant with actors, especially child actors, making him the perfect person to bring Oliver! to the screen. Reed is best known for three films he made in the late 1940s, and the documentary offers generous clips from Odd Man Out, The Fallen Idol, and the most famous of all, The Third Man. The film director, John Boorman, the assistant director, Guy Hamilton, the actors, Ron Moody and Bryan Forbes and the cinematographer, Oswald Morris, are among the interviewees.

A Sense of Carol Reed
Andy Kelleher
Andy Kelleher Director
John Boorman
John Boorman Himself
Joseph Cotten
Joseph Cotten Holly Martins
Bryan Forbes
Bryan Forbes Himself
Guy Hamilton
Guy Hamilton Himself