A Secret in the Box

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  • 2016
  • 71min
A Secret in the Box
  • Original Title: Un Secreto en la Caja

This insightful documentary explores the life and overlooked literary contributions of Marcelo Chiriboga, an Ecuadorian writer of the "Boom" generation.

A Secret in the Box

A Secret in the Box - Literary, Obscurity, Legacy

This fascinating documentary shed light on the enigmatic life and literary legacy of Marcelo Chiriboga (1933-1990), an Ecuadorian writer whose works have garnered international recognition alongside luminaries like Garcia Márquez, Vargas Llosa, and Carlos Fuentes. Despite his esteemed status abroad, Chiriboga remains largely unrecognized in his own country. Through interviews, archival footage, and analysis of his literary works, the documentary seeks to unravel the mystery behind Chiriboga's obscurity in Ecuador while celebrating his enduring impact on world literature.

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Ostinato Cine

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