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A Moment With The Wind

  • 8 10
  • 2018
  • 12min
A Moment With The Wind
  • Original Title: A Moment with the Wind (2018)

In this short film a kite surfer based in Qatar tells us about his passion for a sport in which the waves and the wind accompany a perfect balance between body and soul.

A Moment With The Wind


A moment in the wind. The Art of Kite Surfing

A kite in the sky, a board at his feet and natures key ingredient, the wind. 

In this captivating documentary, we follow Omar, a kite surfer who is perfecting a sport that requires the perfect balance of mind body and soul. 

Through his dedication, we see a portrait of an unconventional hero, one who has relentlessly pursued his dreams of freedom and reconnecting with nature, to make his passion a lifelong vocation.

Production Companies

Al Shareef Production

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