A Man Doing Man Things

  • 8.5 10
  • 2019
  • 14min
A Man Doing Man Things
  • Original Title: A Man Doing Man Things

In just fifteen minutes, this documentary dissects the American male stereotype through the art of Aaron Ray, a drag performer from Cedar City.

A Man Doing Man Things

AWARDS: Prix Spira du meilleur court-métrage documentaire

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Balkan Can Kino/ Lift Off sessions October/ Festival Avides Tempêtes, la Parole errante/ People of Passion International Film Festival/ Short Film Breaks/ Enimation Festival/ Trinationales Filmfestival Hochschule

A Man Doing Man Things. The dissection of masculinity in America

In Cedar City, Aaron Ray questions the values and behavior of the American man. 

Throughout his present and his past, we see the portrait of a drag performer in his thirties looking for the fundamentals of the modern man and the definition of the word "masculinity".

Kim Fino
Kim Fino Director

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