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A Lesson of Belorussian

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  • 2006
  • Nonemin
A Lesson of Belorussian
  • беларуская мова

A documentary about young activists who never give up believing that Belarus will one day be free. Franek Viacorka studies at an elite school established by his father to promote the Belarusian language. However, the school has been banned and operating underground since 2003, a victim of the anti-democratic rule of President Alexander Lukashenko. Franek and his classmates are both passionate and thoughtful, expressing their critical attitude to the government by issuing an underground newspaper, recording music with activist lyrics and organizing an opposition concert.

A Lesson of Belorussian
  • беларуская мова
Miroslaw Dembinski
Miroslaw Dembinski Director, Writer...
Maciej Szafnicki
Maciej Szafnicki Director of photography
Michal Slusarczyk
Michal Slusarczyk Director of photography