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A Labyrinth of Time

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  • 2004
  • Nonemin
A Labyrinth of Time

Carefully composed portrait of prominent modern composer Elliott Carter (1908-1912). Scheffer depicts both the person and the development in his music and the musical tradition it grew out of, as well as the time in which the American Carter grew up. The result: historical images of the city of New York, old film footage, cinematographic finds to illustrate the music and statements by conspicuous fellow-composers and musicians, including Pierre Boulez and Daniel Barenboim.

A Labyrinth of Time
Frank Scheffer
Frank Scheffer Producer, Director
Melle van Essen
Melle van Essen Camera Operator
Frans Bromet
Frans Bromet Camera Operator
Peter Mariouw Smit
Peter Mariouw Smit Camera Operator

Production Companies

Allegri Film