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A Grain of Sand

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  • 2009
  • Nonemin
A Grain of Sand
  • English

This is Brendon Grimshaw's love story with Moyenne Island. We decided to distribute it openly so that his story may be known to as many people as possible and so that we may thank him in our thoughts and in our hearts while he is still alive. Brendon has provided us with an example of why not all hope is loss in what at times seems an overwhelmingly mad world...

A Grain of Sand
  • English
Joseph Richard Johnson Camí
Joseph Richard Johnson Camí Director, Producer
Jaume Avizanda
Jaume Avizanda Director of photography
Manel Capdevila
Manel Capdevila Camera Operator
Brendon Grimshaw
Brendon Grimshaw Owner Moyenne Island

Production Companies

Wandering Eye Productions