A Gesar Bard's Tale

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  • 2013
  • Nonemin
A Gesar Bard's Tale
  • Tibetan Standard

As a boy, Dawa was an illiterate Tibetan nomad whose life revolved around herding yaks. At 13, his life changed: through a series of visions, Dawa acquired the gift of telling the epic story of Tibet’s King Gesar. Now, at 35, Dawa receives a salary from the government as a guardian of national cultural heritage and is regarded as a holy man by his community. When an earthquake reduces his hometown to rubble, redevelopment of the region takes a giant leap forward. In the midst of such seismic shifts, Dawa seeks healing from King Gesar and other divine protectors of the land.

Donagh Coleman
Donagh Coleman Director
Lharigtso Director
Dawa Drakpa
Dawa Drakpa Himself

Production Companies

Kino Lorber

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