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A Family Quartet

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  • 2017
  • Nonemin
A Family Quartet
  • Original Title: A Family Quartet

Noa Wildschut is 14 years old and is currently being considered the greatest young violin talent in the Netherlands. She played several times solo in the Concert Hall aswell as on foreign stages, and appeared several times on television. Noa is very close to Avigal, her sister who is one and a half year older. They visit the same school and have the same friends. Avigal also plays violin but is more ambitious in other areas: for example, she wants to graduate from high school early. Together with their parents Liora and Arjan, they are a close family. Father Arjan is alto violinist and mother Liora is violin pedagogue and the driving force behind the daughters' ambitions. 'A Family Quartet' follows this musical family for two years and highlights the unique relationships that arise from the exceptional talent of Noa. Simultaneously 'A Family Quartet' is also a coming of age film about two sensitive girls in puberty, each seeking their own path in life.

A Family Quartet
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Original Title: A Family Quartet

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