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A Drop of Sunshine

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  • 2011
  • Nonemin
A Drop of Sunshine
  • English

Schizophrenia. It may be one word, but it immediately conjures up multiple connotations. Mad. Incurable. Violent. Suicidal. Chemical imbalances. Crazy. A lifelong condition. Inevitable dependency on Medicines. Dark. Terrible. 'A Drop of Sunshine' challenges these notions. It questions the mainstream view of the condition and seeks alternate ways of recovering from it. Through the powerful story of its young and gutsy protagonist, Reshma Valiappan, it seeks to give viewers a new vocabulary to address the stigmatized mental illness. The film proposes that the only treatment method that can work in Schizophrenia is one where the so-called 'patient' is encouraged and empowered to become an equal partner in the process of healing.

A Drop of Sunshine
  • English
Aparna Sanyal
Aparna Sanyal Director
Yasir Abbasi
Yasir Abbasi Director of photography
Rajiv Mehrotra
Rajiv Mehrotra Producer
Pratik Biswas
Pratik Biswas Sound Designer
Swapnil Gaikwad
Swapnil Gaikwad Animation

Production Companies

Public Service Broadcasting Trust