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A Day To Be Happy

  • 7 10
  • 2015
  • 65min
A Day To Be Happy
  • Original Title: A Day To Be Happy

This music documentary delves into 15 years of history of the famous Macedonian band Kulturno Umetnicki Rabotnici (Cultural Art Workers) to find the answer to the question: is punk really dead?

A Day To Be Happy

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Festival of Documentary Rock Film – DORF 

A Day to Be Happy. Is punk really dead?

The question whether the punk is dead is constantly thrown around, as well as what is punk. 

This is a movie in the shape of a testimony about the constant fight of few musical individuals not to be put in the bin where music has some purpose, some genre, some goal, or some fee. 

The film uses the band Kulturno Umetnicki Rabotnici as the main protagonist to show an intimate conversation with some of the most important figures of the Macedonian alternative scene. 

What is the meaning of the word in-law? How is Thursday more important from the rest of the days in the week? Who is in charge of making “turshija” and who is in charge of rakija during their 15 years of making music? One is for sure: it is easy to get in KUR, but getting out is trickier. So, A day to be happy!

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