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A Conversation Between Parents

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A Conversation Between Parents

A year after Thadd and Shannon gave birth to their son, A Conversation Between Parents highlights a climactic conversation in their lives -- as both young parents grasp at the last threads of their ideal family. On an afternoon off of work, the couple sits on their couch, while their son sleeps in his crib, and the family grapples with their limited options one last time. Dietrich’s camera ties the couple’s painful conversation together with flashbacks of both parents’ precious memories of their first year with Jasper, attempting to find a way to articulate their struggles in the last conversation they have together as a couple.

A Conversation Between Parents
Adam Dietrich
Adam Dietrich Producer, Director...
Stacey Woelfel
Stacey Woelfel Producer
Robert Greene
Robert Greene Producer

Production Companies

Method M Films