A Body in conflict

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  • 2023
  • 51min
A Body in conflict
  • Original Title: A Body in conflict

This offbeat documentary delves into the intense process behind Louise Alenius's groundbreaking opera, "The Manual," exploring its controversial theme of euthanasia.

A Body in conflict

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Copenhagen Opera Festival

A Body in Conflict - Artistic and emotional journey

This captivating documentary follows the creation of "The Manual," an opera by Louise Alenius that tackles the theme of euthanasia, from its inception to its premiere at the Royal Danish Opera. Viewers are taken behind the scenes to witness composer Louise Alenius’s artistic process, director John Fulljames’s vision for staging contemporary themes, and the unique challenges faced by the performers embodying roles like The Heart and The Consciousness. Amidst a media storm and debates over artistic freedom, "A Body in Conflict" presents a multifaceted exploration of what it takes to produce an opera that pushes the boundaries of traditional narratives, set design, and musical composition in the modern age.

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Birgit Tengberg

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