A Black Jesus

  • 9 10
  • 2020
  • 92min
A Black Jesus
  • Original Title: A Black Jesus

A young refugee's request to carry a black Jesus statue in a traditional procession challenges a European town to confront its prejudices and redefine its identity.

A Black Jesus

AWARDS: Best Documentary. German Film Critics Association Awards/ Best Documentary. Sole Luna Doc Film Festival/ Jury prize. Premio Iinetrnazionale Efebo D'oro

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Astra Film Festival Sibiu/ Millennium Docs Against Gravity/ Doc Alliance Award/ 

A Black Jesus -  Faith, Identity, Tolerance, Tradition

In a quaint town at Europe's southern edge, the veneration of a black Jesus statue has been a centuries-old tradition. The statue becomes a beacon of identity and faith for the town, but also a symbol of contention when Edward, a 19-year-old Ghanaian refugee, requests to participate in its revered annual procession. His plea to share in carrying the sacred effigy sparks a cultural crossroads, forcing the townspeople to confront their own biases and fears. As the village grapples with the controversy surrounding the refugee center and Edward's proposition, they are compelled to re-examine the essence of their beliefs and the figure that has long stood at the core of their spiritual lives.

Luca Lucchesi
Luca Lucchesi Director

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