A Batalha dos Aflitos - Os Bastidores de um Dia Inesquecível

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  • 2006
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A Batalha dos Aflitos - Os Bastidores de um Dia Inesquecível
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November 26, 2005. The day Grêmio defeated his opponent in enemy territory with seven men on the pitch. Warriors covered with the ever-victorious sacred mantle of three colors. No team in the world has the determination, the spirit of claw and the bravery typical of the gaucho as the Immortal Tricolor. Facing diversities is part of the culture and history of this club that fills the Rio Grande do Sul with pride and joy. Only Grêmio would be able to overcome the difficulties of this battle and make history as Brazilian Champion of Series B. An epic that the tricolor nation will never tire of remembering, reviving and celebrating. The living, real story of who was there. Exciting testimonials and exclusive images will make you, gremista, get emotional once more, as if you were in the Estádio dos Aflitos.

Fabiano Colatto
Fabiano Colatto Director, Director of Photography
Dario Rosa
Dario Rosa Executive Producer
Cristiano Seifert
Cristiano Seifert Camera Operator, Sound Designer
Ronaldo Pinheiro Machado
Ronaldo Pinheiro Machado Sound Recordist
Raquel Diefenthäler
Raquel Diefenthäler Screenplay, Editor
Pedro Ernesto Denardin
Pedro Ernesto Denardin Himself (voice)
Mano Menezes
Mano Menezes Himself
Lucas Leiva
Lucas Leiva Himself
Paulo Odone
Paulo Odone Himself
Andershow Himself
Cacalo Himself