The Invisible History

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  • 2013
  • 79min
The Invisible History
  • Original Title: La Historia Invisible

Filmed over two years in southern Argentina, this documentary makes visible the indigenous people who rediscover their roots that the infamous "conquest of the desert" tried to erase.

The Invisible History

The Invisible History. The re-conquest of the desert

Through Anahí, a Mapuche woman who assimilated to Catholicism and traditional Argentinean life for many years , this documentary unearths the values of the native peoples of southern Argentina after several decades of what was called "the conquest of the desert".

Carried out by the Creole rulers of the young republics of Argentina and Chile, "The conquest of the desert" was intended to annihilate the indigenous peoples settled in the southern cone, with the idea of "civilizing" and extending the will of the nascent independent states in those lands.

Claudio Remedi
Claudio Remedi Director

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