Tarlabasi and Me

  • 9 10
  • 2015
  • 75min
Tarlabasi and Me
  • Original Title: Tarlabasi and Me (2015)

The life of a man changes abruptly. After serving a prison sentence, he is no longer part of the privileged class and now survives in Tarlabasi, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Istanbul.

Tarlabasi and Me

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Istanbul International Film Festival/ Cinemed/ Bifed/ Festival de Cinéma de Turquie à Paris/ Fair International Film Festival/ Ege Documentary Days/ GZ Docs/ Mente Locale-Visioni sul Territorio/ Abruzzo Doc Fest/ Belgesel Film Festival/ Kuala Lumpur Eko Film Festival/ London Turkish Film Festival/ International Labor Film Festival/ Cinemavvenire/  Intimalente

Tarlabasi and Me. Life in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Istanbul

In the heart of the Turkish metropolis frenzied by the protests of Gezi Park in 2013, Mustafa, former accustomed of the Turkish dolce vita, paces Istanbul and assumes his destiny. 

Seven years after his release, he is drawing his new life among Tarlabasi waste pickers trying to forget that he might go back to jail.

Production Companies

Marianna Francese and Jaad Gaillet

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