Saul's 108th Story

  • 8.8 10
  • 2018
  • 5min
Saul's 108th Story
  • Original Title: Saul's 108th Story (2018)

Saul's dad took him to work with him on a hot Summer day in 1950. What could go wrong? More than 60 years later, in this short film Saul tells us everything.

Saul's 108th Story

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Tribeca Film Festival

108th story of Saul. A curious memory of summer

As a teenager in 1950 Brooklyn, all Saul wanted to do was hang out with his friends and go to the beach. 

Instead, he got roped into a dangerous new job, and Saul got in a little over his head.

Joshua Carlon
Joshua Carlon Director

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Joshua Carlon

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