• 10 10
  • 2018
  • 15min
  • Original Title: Oasis

Embark on a surreal odyssey through a digital desert, guided by an enigmatic avatar, navigating a world where real-life systems meld into a mysterious quest of discovery.


OFFICIAL SELECTION: DOK Leipzig/ FILE Electronic Language International Festival/ EMAF European Media Art Festival/ Monstra Lisbon Animated Film Festival/ DokumentART Films&Future/ Neubrandenburg

Oasis - Digital, Odyssey

This animated short visionary immerses viewers in a dynamic, adaptive universe, where the lines between digital landscapes like traffic, economics, and politics blur into a singular experience. As you traverse a computer-generated desert, an omnipresent avatar guides you, oscillating between the roles of a moderator and a narrator. Throughout this journey, transient elements - from screens to images - manifest before you, offering cryptic clues about the enigmatic destination you're being led to, a place of unspoken desires.

Veneta Androva
Veneta Androva Director

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Veneta Androva

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