• 9 10
  • 2021
  • 13min

In the heart of DR Congo's darkness, the relentless pursuit for justice against Warlord Sheka unfolds, echoed hauntingly through vivid testimonies and Majid Amin's gripping animations.

Justice - Atrocities, Resolve, Animation

In this educational short film made by the UN, the notorious trial of Warlord Ntabo Ntaberi Sheka unfolds, revealing the disturbing depth of his crimes in North Kivu, DR Congo. His militia left behind a trail of destruction – 387 women and children were sexually assaulted, and 287 individuals died across 13 villages. Vivid court testimonies shed light on the chilling episodes of mass rapes, beheadings, and heinous crimes. This cinematic journey provides an unfiltered lens into the extensive efforts made to bring justice to the victims. The UN peacekeeping mission, MONUSCO, and collaborating entities played a pivotal role, offering comprehensive support from investigations to the trial's culmination. Yet, the 'Sheka' trial stands as a single example amidst countless global atrocities in conflict-ridden territories. Enriching the narrative are captivating animations crafted by the renowned Iranian animator Majid Amin, acclaimed for his collaboration with Elton John on the 2017 Rocket Man video re-release.

United Nations
United Nations Director

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