In Guns We Trust

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  • 2013
  • 12min
In Guns We Trust
  • Original Title: Que Les Armes Bénissent L’Amérique

In Kennesaw, Georgia, where every household must own a firearm by law, the town navigates the complexities of mandated gun ownership.

In Guns We Trust

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Regard sur le court métrage/ Indie Lisboa/ Talent tout Court à Cannes/ Melbourne International Film Festival


 In Guns We Trust - Kennesaw: Where every home legally packs heat

In Kennesaw, Georgia, a small American town, being a good citizen means being an armed citizen. Since 1982, a unique law mandates that every head of household must own at least one working firearm with ammunition.

This captivating documentary explores the implications, community perspectives, and daily reality in a town where gun ownership is not just a right but a legal obligation.

Production Companies

Nicolas Lévesque

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