I Am Nobody

  • 9 10
  • 2012
  • 15min

In a country historically closed to immigration, a group of asylum seekers show themselves only through their hands and objects that represent their countries of origin.


OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: NA POTI/ Tabor Film Festival/ Liburnia Film Festival/ Zagreb Human Rights Film Festival/ Croatian Film Days/ IFOLT/ KINO Otok/Isola/ Kastav Film Festival/ Opuses Film Festival/ Braunschweig Int. Film Festival/ MIRADASDOC/ SCENECS/ FESTIVAL NOVIH

I Am Nobody. Migrants in the middle of nowhere

To film migrants waiting for a final resolution to their asylum application in a European country, filmmakers Barbara Matejčić and Nina Urumov resort to an ingenious device: filming only their hands and the objects they have brought from their homelands.

The result is a short film where the testimonies of these people gain an imposing presence over the images of a photograph, a toy, a piece of clothing. With few resources, we travel to another place in the world where, for now, they cannot return.

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