Hate Speech, Where Does It Start?

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  • 2020
  • 1min
Hate Speech, Where Does It Start?
  • Original Title: Hate Speech, Where Does It Start?

In this educational short film made by the UN, the blurred lines between hate speech and freedom of expression are examined, seeking a global understanding while highlighting the UN's efforts to address the issue.

Hate Speech, Where Does It Start?

Hate Speech | Where Does It Start? - Expression, Balance

The film starts with real-world snippets of what is commonly perceived as "hate speech" from various corners of the globe. As viewers are guided through the UN's efforts to define and combat such speech, the documentary delves deeper into the challenge of creating a universally accepted definition that can serve as a foundation for actionable policies. With insights from human rights activists, law professionals, and victims of hate speech, the film sheds light on the balance between curbing offensive discourse and ensuring freedom of opinion and expression. It brings to the fore the UN Strategy and Plan of Action on Hate Speech, examining its merits and potential pitfalls. As discussions around discrimination, equality, and freedom intertwine, the film drives home the urgency of a collaborative global response and the importance of fostering understanding and empathy in a divided world.

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