• 9 10
  • 2015
  • 6min
  • Original Title: Khoshbakhti

Could we define happiness? An ordinary man with a penchant for philosophy after the 1979 Islamic revolution ponders this mystery in this experimental short film.


OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Dok Leipzig/ Short Films by Persian Female Filmmakers“. Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art/ Achtung berlin, short film competition “Made in Berlin-Brandenburg”

Happiness. An ephemeral taste

A woman dancing. A carousel. A flower. The seemingly unconnected images appear before our eyes as Amir's voice dissects the concept of what happiness is.

All of this is actually a letter constructed in free prose that Amir addresses to his loved ones to wish them a happy new year.

The moment is propitious. Something dies so that something else can be born. As, according to Amir, the moment of happiness always dies. A short, ephemeral space, that we can only savor when it is very close to us.

Zara Zandieh
Zara Zandieh Director

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