Down To Earth

  • 10 10
  • 2015
  • 90min

Rolf and Renata leave their home and embark with their young children to live with indigenous communities in various parts of the world. During 5 years of epiphany, they learn about the knowledge of the world.


AWARDS: Jury Prize, Audience Award. Nationale Onderwijs/ Jury Prize. Illuminate Film Festival 

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Netherlands Film Festival 

Down To Earth. The journey of a family towards the world's knowledge

Leaving behind their cosmopolitan life, a couple and their three young children travel the world searching for a new perspective on life. 

They live with some of the oldest indigenous communities on the planet. Without a crew or schedule, just one backpack and one camera each. And the curiosity to listen. 

The film reveals the deep wisdom the family discover in their conversations with these 'Earth Keepers' and its power to transform lives. 

Having lived in hiding for centuries, the Earth Keepers see that now is the time to step forward and share their insights with those who are ready to listen.

Renata Heinen
Renata Heinen Director
Rolf Winters
Rolf Winters Director

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