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  • 2022
  • 1min

As the Slovene-speaking minority in Carinthia fades, filmmaker Andrina Mračnikar delves into her family’s past to unearth the causes and search for what it will take to keep their culture alive.

Disappearing - A quest to save fading whispers of heritage


This is a poignant essay film where Andrina Mračnikar explores the gradual disappearance of her native Slovene-speaking community in Austria's Carinthia region. By weaving together intimate family histories, candid conversations, and rare archival footage, Mračnikar embarks on a personal and collective journey to understand the roots of this cultural erosion.


Throughout the documentary, she confronts challenging questions about identity, assimilation, and resilience. Her quest is driven by an urgent need to discover strategies that might reverse the dwindling of her community and rejuvenate its unique linguistic and cultural heritage.

Production Companies

Soleil Film & Vertigo

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