Bowen's Heart

  • 9 10
  • 2021
  • 90min

8-year-old Bowen is preparing for his third open heart surgery. He and his family hope that this time the surgery can give him a better life despite his congenital heart disease.


OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Nashville Film Festival

Bowen's Heart. A family united in the face of congenital heart disease

According to statistics, at least half of all children with congenital heart disease do not survive the first year of life, but Bowen is already an eight-year survivor of this chronic disease.

As a third open-heart surgery approaches, he and his family are faced with the dilemma of either hoping for a better life or fearing that the surgery may even twist that fate.

Zach Read
Zach Read Director

Production Companies

Lexi Read and Zach Read

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