Adolphe Appia, Visionary Of Invisible

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  • 1988
  • 36min
Adolphe Appia, Visionary Of Invisible
  • Original Title: Adolphe Appia: Visionary of Invisible (1988)

This documentary rescues the work and life of Adolphe Appia, a visionary scenographer who laid the foundations for modern theater.

Adolphe Appia, Visionary Of Invisible

Adolphe Appia, Visionary Of The Invisible

Adolphe Appia’s work is at the root of the most profound upheavals of today's theater. His drawings reveal the stages of his artistic evolution, each marked by his constant preoccupation with liberating the body.

By substituting luminous projectors for painted decorations, he invents a new theatrical space where the actor can evolve freely.

This documentary is a reflective retrospective on the career of this visionary of modern theater.

Louis Mouchet
Louis Mouchet Director

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