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641 Muriel Court

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  • 2016
  • Nonemin
641 Muriel Court
  • English

On October 22nd, 1966, Jenny Sims returned to her home on 641 Muriel Court from a night of babysitting. Upon her return, she found her mother, father, and 12-year-old sister bound, gaged, shot, and stabbed in the back bedroom. That night marked an abrupt transition for the residents of Tallahassee, Florida: door locks were sold out, gun stores were emptied, and people no longer felt safe or trusting of their neighbors. To date, no charges have been pressed for the murder of Helen, Robert, and Joy Sims. The 50-year investigation has uncovered a series of interesting suspects, none of which have been formally cleared. This film covers all five, including a never-before-seen police interview with one suspect from 1987, and an interview with her ex-husband filmed in the summer of 2016.

641 Muriel Court
  • English
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones Director, Writer...
Deanna Kidd
Deanna Kidd Writer, Producer
Elijah Howard
Elijah Howard Writer, Producer
Michael Walsh
Michael Walsh Writer, Producer