52 The Trolleybus

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  • 2017
  • 29min
52 The Trolleybus
  • Original Title: 52 The Trolleybus

Amid the recurring political tensions that plague the Crimean peninsula, a group of workers struggle to keep a once-communist institution alive.

52 The Trolleybus

AWARDS: Best Short Documentary. Evolution Mallorca Int. Film Festival/ Best Short Documentary. Mammoth Lakes Int. Film Festival/ Honorable Mention. Natourale Film Festival

 52 The Trolleybus: A workers' struggle

A beloved former communist institution fights for survival amidst the ever shifting political and  economic tides of the disputed Crimean peninsula. 

Told from the workers perspectives, the film  offers a look into the quotidian struggles of mechanics, machinists, drivers and administrators who  keep a vital but outdated social service from fading into oblivion. 

David Auerbach
David Auerbach Director

Production Companies

Auerbach Films Ltd.

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