50 Years! Of Love?

  • 8.5 10
  • 2017
  • 52min
50 Years! Of Love?
  • Original Title: 50 Years! Of Love? (2008)

Confronted with the idea of getting married after several years of being a couple, two intrepid travelers visit four married couples in different parts of the world in search of the secret of staying together forever after.

50 Years! Of Love?

AWARDS: Best South African Documentary. Durban International Film Festival/ Winner Special Award. Victoria West Film Festival

50 Years! Of Love? The secret of staying together

Since they met in India, Karin Slater and Steven Bartlo, a couple of intrepid travelers, have enjoyed being a couple for several years in a relationship that refreshes with each stop they make in a different landscape of the world. 

But, as would be natural, the idea of formalizing their relationship is a thought that accompanies them wherever they go. Feeling doubtful about it, they decide to make this documentary and travel the world to interview four couples with more than 50 years of marriage in search of the magic secret to stay together forever after.

This fresh, entertaining film goes beyond the theme of love between a couple to reveal other much more individual dilemmas within our soul, such as the fear of loneliness and the need to legitimize our existence through social rites.

Karin Slater
Karin Slater Director

Production Companies

Durga Shakti Films

in de Light

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