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50 For Izzy

  • 8.5 10
  • 2010
  • Nonemin
50 For Izzy
  • English

A Marine named P.J. Kellogg ran 50 miles in 11 hours. He did this to raise money for a college fund for the one-year-old son of a fallen brother-in-arms. P.J. had never even met Izzy, but that didn't matter. The entire community rallied behind P.J. and gave time and money to support the cause. The run was long and trying. P.J. pushed himself beyond the physical pain to honor Izzy and his family. This is a heart warming event that will inspire you to do more for your fellow man.

50 For Izzy
  • English
Michael Beck
Michael Beck Director
Robby Appleton
Robby Appleton Camera Operator
Jonathan Beck
Jonathan Beck Production Intern
Jim Harding
Jim Harding Himself
P.J. Kellogg
P.J. Kellogg Himself
Mike Slater
Mike Slater Himself