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50 años de canciones

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  • 2009
  • Nonemin
50 años de canciones
  • Spanish


50 años de canciones
  • Spanish
Alaska y Los Pegamoides
Alaska y Los Pegamoides Themselves (archive footage)
Pedro Almodóvar
Pedro Almodóvar Himself (archive footage)
Astrud Astrud
Baccara Themselves (archive footage)
José Luis Barcelona
José Luis Barcelona Himself (archive footage)
Bebe Herself (archive footage)
David Bisbal
David Bisbal Himself (archive footage)
Maria del Mar Bonet
Maria del Mar Bonet Herself (archive footage)
Miguel Bosé
Miguel Bosé Himself (archive footage)
Luis Manuel Ferri Llopis (Nino Bravo)
Luis Manuel Ferri Llopis (Nino Bravo) Himself (archive footage)
Raffaella Carrà
Raffaella Carrà Herself (archive footage)
Paloma Chamorro
Paloma Chamorro Herself (archive footage)
Manu Chao
Manu Chao Himself (archive footage)
Los Chunguitos
Los Chunguitos Themselves (archive footage)
Los Diablos
Los Diablos Themselves (archive footage)
Ellas Themselves (archive footage)
El Fary
El Fary Himself (archive footage)
Lola Flores
Lola Flores Herself (archive footage)
Paca Gabaldón
Paca Gabaldón Herself (archive footage)
Gabinete Caligari
Gabinete Caligari Themselves (archive footage)
Golpes Bajos
Golpes Bajos Themselves (archive footage)
Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias Himself (archive footage)
Camarón de la Isla
Camarón de la Isla Himself (archive footage)
Jarcha Themselves (archive footage)
José Luis
José Luis Himself (archive footage)
Junior Himself (archive footage) (as Juan y Junior)
Kortatu Themselves (archive footage)
Leño Themselves (archive footage)
Lluís Llach
Lluís Llach Himself (archive footage)
Víctor Manuel
Víctor Manuel Himself (archive footage)
Carmen Maura
Carmen Maura Herself (archive footage)
Fabio McNamara
Fabio McNamara Himself (archive footage)
Mercedes Milá
Mercedes Milá Herself (archive footage)
Los Mismos
Los Mismos Themselves (archive footage)
Juan Erasmo 'Mochi'
Juan Erasmo 'Mochi' Himself (archive footage)
Las Niñas
Las Niñas Themselves (archive footage)
Juan Pardo
Juan Pardo Himself (archive footage) (as Juan y Junior)
Los Pecos
Los Pecos Themselves (archive footage) (as Pecos)
Nuestro Pequeño Mundo
Nuestro Pequeño Mundo Themselves (archive footage)
Albert Pla
Albert Pla Himself (archive footage)
Porta Himself (archive footage)

Production Companies

Televisión Española (TVE)