5 Houses

  • 10 10
  • 2020
  • 85min
5 Houses
  • Original Title: 5 Casas

Five disparate souls—a beleaguered teacher, a young man grappling with prejudice, a betrayed nun, a haunted farmhand, and an orphaned boy—each face personal trials.

5 Houses


AWARDS: Best Cinematography. São Paulo Association of Art Critics Awards/ Best Film. Cine Ceará - Ibero-american Film Festival/ Best Screenplay. Cine Ceará - Ibero-american Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival/ Queer Lisboa

5 Houses - Struggle, Connection, Resilience, Redemption

In a tapestry of lives intertwined by fate and circumstance, five souls find their destinies entangled. An aging teacher clings desperately to her cherished home; a young man grapples with society's cruel judgment of his sexuality; a devoted nun is unjustly ousted from the very school she dedicated her life to; an elderly farmhand contends with both his past and eerie hauntings on a rustic farm; and a boy, shadowed by the two-decade-old loss of his parents, seeks his place in the world. Each story, while distinct, converges on the shared themes of struggle, redemption, and the human spirit's resilience.

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