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365 Days: A Year in Happy Valley

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  • 2013
  • Nonemin
365 Days: A Year in Happy Valley
  • English

Depicting a year in the life of a small town caught in the center of the high-profile Penn State scandal, this powerful film reveals how it affected the community: showcasing the strength and resolve of those who live in and cherish what is known as "Happy Valley."

365 Days: A Year in Happy Valley
  • English
Ryan Beckler
Ryan Beckler Himself - Student
Joel Blunk
Joel Blunk Himself - Pastor
Alycia Chambers
Alycia Chambers Herself - Psychologist
William Christopher Clarke
William Christopher Clarke Himself - Business Owner
Mimi Barash Coppersmith
Mimi Barash Coppersmith Herself - BOT Emeritus
Bob Costas
Bob Costas Himself - Journalist
Michael Desmond
Michael Desmond Himself - Business Owner
Tom Donchez
Tom Donchez Himself - Letterman
Sam Ficken
Sam Ficken Himself - Kicker
Harry Hamilton
Harry Hamilton Himself - Letterman
Franco Harris
Franco Harris Himself - Letterman
Joe Humphreys
Joe Humphreys Himself - Fly Fisherman
James P. Kimmel Jr.
James P. Kimmel Jr. Himself - Author
Donald B. Kraybill
Donald B. Kraybill Himself - Professor
Helen Manfull
Helen Manfull Herself - Professor

Production Companies

The Porterfield Group

365 Film Group