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30 years of darkness

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  • 2012
  • Nonemin
30 years of darkness
  • Spanish

When the Spanish Civil War came to an end, Manuel Cortes was unable to flee the country. After a long journey, he managed to get back home in the dark without being discovered. His wife, Juliana, told him how the winning forces were shooting many of their fellow citizens. Manuel and Juliana decided to dig a small hole in the wall for Manuel to hide in. He could not even begin to imagine that this small hideaway was to become his private jail for the following 30 years. This is the story of the so-called post-war moles, people who had to put their lives on hold in order to escape from the repression imposed by the victors of the civil war.

30 years of darkness
  • Spanish
Jorge Laplace
Jorge Laplace Screenplay
Juan Diego
Juan Diego Manuel Cortés (voice)
Ana Fernández
Ana Fernández Juliana Moreno (voice)

Production Companies

Pizzel 3D

La Claqueta