• 9 10
  • 2018
  • 64min

In this experimental short, Ana and a group of young people in a park have a lot to tell us about voyeurism, human connectivity and other disquisitions of instant technology.



<3. Experimenting with young people and connectivity

In summer the parks are full of thighs, arms and navels because it’s very hot and clothes are too much. Or maybe that’s not all.

Far from the asphalt, in those leafy areas, nature explodes. There, an ecosystem of webs is generated that connects the boiling young people’s walk with that of the other people that vibrate there. 

They record themselves with their cellphones, laugh out loud and keep attention on what surrounds them and of those who surround them. 

In these parks an unreality of sounds, smells and hyper-connections is created in which
teenagers look for each other and find each other.

Maria Anton
Maria Anton Director

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Dvein Fims

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