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2nd our Great War Series

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As Gen Smith-Dorrien’s II Corps retreated from Mons, along with rest of the BEF, they were closely pursued by Von Kluck’s Army. On reaching Le Cateau on 25th Aug Smith- Dorrien realized he would have to stand and fight if his Corps was not going to be picked of piecemeal by the Germans. This film follows the fortunes of II Corps on the 26th Aug as they faced the 12 Divisions of the 1st German Army. Once again the skill, bravery and training of the officers and men off II Corps were able to delay the Germans for long enough to allow them to withdraw as a formed force and live to fight another day. Not a victory but a success. The Old Contemptibles lived to fight another day.

Tom Dormer
Tom Dormer Presenter
Mike Peters
Mike Peters Presenter
Tim Saunders
Tim Saunders Presenter and Director
Paul Oldfield
Paul Oldfield Presenter
Andrew Duff
Andrew Duff Presenter and Producer
Ed Church
Ed Church Presenter and Living Historian