28 Rue Brichaut

  • 9 10
  • 2014
  • 31min
28 Rue Brichaut
  • Original Title: 28 Rue Brichaut (2013)

A specific geographical point, a house on a street in Belgium, is the starting point to rescue memories and reflections on what history means.

28 Rue Brichaut


28 Rue Brichaut, The memories of a street in Belgium 

A man in the autumn of his life carefully draws on a sheet of paper the sketch of the room that used to be his for many years. This scene of the film concentrates the exercise proposed by the documentary: the exercise of memory. 

How much weight do places have? The spaces support the presence of so many souls for so long. The same happens with images, surfaces that are looked at and worn by the eyes of time. 

A narrator spins seemingly disconnected fragments of a universe of time that becomes tangible with beautiful, horrendous and everyday scenes. All together makes a gentle, revealing essay about the passage of time and history.

Production Companies

Hannes Verhoustraete

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