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25 Years

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  • 1977
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25 Years

25 Years is an impressionistic survey of the years from the Queen's accession to the throne in 1952 through to her Silver Jubilee in 1977. Combining archive and contemporary footage - including that of the royal visit to Canada and the US in 1976, the bicentenary year of American independence - the film explores the monarchy through a quarter-century which saw the conquest of Everest, the development of television as a mass medium, the first supersonic flight and space exploration. Through good times and bad, and tumultuous changes for better or for worse, one factor remained constant: the monarchy, in the person of Queen Elizabeth II, provided a continuity and stability which this film celebrates in her Silver Jubilee year.

25 Years
Peter Morley
Peter Morley Director, Producer
Tony Coggans
Tony Coggans Camera Operator
Eric can Haren Noman
Eric can Haren Noman Camera Operator
Mike Delaney
Mike Delaney Camera Operator
Harvey Harrison
Harvey Harrison Camera Operator
Jeff Harvey
Jeff Harvey Editor

Production Companies

EMI Films